Universal Gate provides solutions to critical issues facing our customers, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what distinguishes us, but also what makes us successful. We offer a wide range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and improve performance and productivity.


Either you want to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates, you want to migrate to European Countries or process visas both visit and residence. We guarantees you professional and consistent services that you need to effectively bring your dreams to reality. 

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We study what organizations do to stay connected and competitive in this fast paced world, and what they do best. Then we develop a strategy using smart tools and global resources to understand the implications of each option our customers can do. Contact us to learn more about how this service can help you.

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With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to move your business to the next level. At Global Gate, we combine our insights and skills to transform processes and strategies, and thus into your company. We are proud to help shape and improve our customer structure and manage their business.


Business Preparation

UAE is the ideal place to quickly establish your business and grow your business beyond the borders of UAE where the authorities have deliberately sought to create a well-ordered environment without undue restriction. As a result, UAE offers business conditions that are among the most liberal and attractive in the region. There are many open options for international companies seeking to establish a business relationship with Dubai or any free zone in UAE.



Office Solutions

We help you find the right office, in the right place, according to your needs and budget. Everyone knows that the identification of approvals from departments Government here in the UAE, can be a time consuming and very transient process for our customers. We help our clients overcome these bureaucratic obstacles without much hassle, and provide our customers peace of mind, so that they can focus on their core business. Our highly efficient services include:


Select and drop all documents

Regular renewal reminder transparency

Timely and accurate service

All approvals from government departments and embassies

Registration of companies

Chamber of Commerce / Foreign Affairs issues

Document clearance,

printing and processing

Investor visa, and processing work visa

Open a bank account

Renewals / modifications of certificates and licensing

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Visa processing 

Universal Gate Businessmen Services is a registered service provider for all types of visa services and is renowned for its rapid access to business opportunities and visas to investors for its clients. We are keen to meet all visa requirements in addition to all required approvals. We at Dubai Business Services keep ourselves up-to-date with all changes or updates in visa standards and provide timely information to all our customers on the requirements of maintaining smooth flow of their business in the UAE. We offer the following visa services to our clients:


Work visa

Family Visa

Parents Visa

Care of the maid

Investor Visa

Consular works

Migration work

Municipality works

International Cargo Services

Company Establishment
License Tourism companies & Travels
Construction contracting companies
public commerce Oil fields and natural gas
money exchange
Super Market